This is a blog about ethics. Which is a subject that doesn’t live in a small box.

Ethics is about who we are. How we see ourselves is the first factor in determining how we make choices. What is our frame; what concerns us? How wide is the ecosystem that holds our attention in seeking the highest good? How far can we widen that ecosystem, allowing our choices to be touched by more human potential and human suffering?

The freer we get, the bigger our circle of concern, the less we are able to rely on simplistic solutions for ethical dilemmas. This makes them harder, and simultaneously more fruitful to engage.

In other words, ethics covers everything.

About Me

Ceci n'est pas un blogger.

My own journey began as a teenager, when I began to question our treatment of animals. I wondered how we could treat one species so differently than another; why is it that in the west, dogs are friends and cows are food, but in the east, cows are friends and dogs are treated like rats?

It’s an obvious leap to ask the same questions about how we treat people. What makes one group deserving of compassion and another not? How do we balance mercy with a call for independence? How can we get ourselves to a place where we’re willing to embrace the whole of humanity in every decision we make? Is the true cost of living reflected in our behavior… from the environmental and social costs of mining rare-earth metals in the Congo, to the human costs of the emotional wasteland of China’s factory-cities?

This is why ethics begins with who we are. One needs a tremendous heart to take it all in and still respond with grace, courage, and idealism. This is the spiritual quest. Which, at its best, is a deeply ethical endeavor.

So while this blog is about ethics, it’s really about the spiritual path. My own spiritual path, and hopefully yours too.